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What are we looking at here? Do you often wonder or hear this when looking at a work of art? I guess it really depends on your perceptions and what you consider art. For me it has always been that first impression, more appropriately, a compelling impression. When you first see a work of art, 2 or 3 dimensional, and depending upon your mood, background and thought process, you may or may not move in for a closer look. At least, that is what happens to me. That “compelling impression” in art seems to have its own gravitational pull and having the possibility of getting better the closer you get to it. There is something about originality too, that has its own allure.


There are many super realistic art works that I have placed in my list of favorites and as many abstract works as well. Just what is it that moves me? Sometimes it’s just too hard to say but when it happens I know the artist has succeeded at least with me.


I have been at this for many years and I hope that I continue to evolve because change is a mandatory ingredient for success. I take inspiration from many sources but I do end up always executing the work my way. It’s odd but I find that I dislike the term “pretty” or “beautiful” and even “nice” when someone describes my work. If I hear or see these terms or something similar I feel that perhaps I failed. And there are tons of “beautiful”, “pretty” and “nice” works out there and God bless those artists that produce them. You make yourselves and your admirers happy and this is good. Probably my goal is always to be unpredictable. I like that. Asymmetrical even better! Probably the most coveted compliment for me is evocative! That’s it. Enough said!

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