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Is it clever, truthful or emotional? Is it all three or some combination of the three? I look at a lot of art but only a small percentage of it actually stirs any emotion in me. Why is that? I am not sure but I do know when my gut tells me that it has succeeded. There is much art work rendered what I call “cleverly” (is that a word?!). What I mean by that is that the artist has mastered some technique that is consistently incorporated into all or most of the work produced. This “cleverness” could even be categorized as “original”. It is, to some extent, but it can be overdone for the sake of truthfulness or emotive expression. All artists are “clever”, more or less, myself included. We all have some trick or two that we like to bring into our work because we know how to do it and we simply…..can do it! For me and my marine work, especially, when someone comments that they can smell the salt air or feel the sea breeze….. or even get seasick when looking at my work, well, that to me is the highest compliment with or without my “cleverness”!

I am always trying to put my emotions into my work in the medium I choose. Sometimes this works but a lot of the time it doesn’t quite cut it. I do have some “clever” techniques but I never want that to replace the emotive effect I am trying to convey. I do want truthfulness to be depicted and how that truthfulness has emotionally affected me. This is how I see art and allows me to embrace all genres executed with truthfulness, emotion and, yes…..”cleverness”!

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